Viet Duc Building and Import Export., JSC (VIETDUC BIMEX., JSC) is a corporate, found in joint-stock form, adhere The Enterprise Law: passed on 29th November, 2005 by the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Viet Duc is found and operate from Business Registration Certificate number 010301121, granted by Plan and Investment Department of Hanoi City in March 14th, 2006 with individual stamp, asset, be able to have accounts at Vietnam State Treasury and banks by the Law.
Viet Duc Building and Import Export., JSC organize forces and operate base on approved charters by Company Council Members in June 2013 with main business functions:
1. Producing metal barrels, containers, containing tools.
2. Mechanical processing; processing and coating
3. Producing metal components.
4. Forging, burying, pushing and laminating metals; 
refining metal powder.
5. Producing scissors, knifes, handle tools.
6. Producing tool-machine and metal shaping machine.
7. House constructing.
8. Constructing rail and road.
9. Constructing public interest facility.
10. Constructing other civil technical resident.
11. Demolishing 
12. Preparing Surface.
13. Setting up electronic system.
14. Completing built construction.
15. Setting up water supply and drainage system, heat and AC.
16. Setting up other construction systems. 
17. Other specialized constructing activities.
18. Wholesale machine, equipment and machine parts.
For detail: Wholesale machine, equipment and machine parts of mineral and constructing machine; wholesale machine, electric equipment and material; wholesale machine, equipment and office machine parts (except for computer and hardware).
19. Wholesale solid, liquid, gaseous material and relevant merchandise. 
20. Sanitizing residents and construction. 
21. Wholesale metal and mineral metal.
22. Wholesale material, other setting equipment in assembling.
23. Leasing machine, equipment and others tangible facility.
24. Supplying service of taking care and maintaining landscape.
25. Agency, broker, auction.
26. Wholesale computer, hardware and software.
Headquarter: 198K Nguyen Trai Street – Thanh Xuan District - Hanoi.
Trade Bank: An Binh Joint-stock Commercial Bank – CN Tay Ho - Hanoi
Account Number: 1021000251004
Tax Number: 0101895526